Okay, okay, here are two more answers to your questions!:-)) And D, don't mail me 24/7. cause I don't have all the answers. Search inside your heart, it's all in there, just dig it up.

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This site is dedicated to the Goddess, one who is many and many who are one.
The Child, the Mother and the Crone.
Known by many names in many cultures, trashed by followers of patriarchal religions, she still is, as she always has been.

Mother of nature, guardian of virtility, sister of women and teacher of men (if at all they want to be taught!) -This is for you, D. After all you wanted me to spill my guts!:-)) I placed this site, which is still under construction here on tripod, cause for now it's just meant for you.
You wanted to learn more about Her and, as promised, here's my humble believe.

I got your list of questions, a looong one, but never mind.
For the time being I will shed some light on the basics...

I want to make clear that everything I write here, is my own belief, and I advise you strongly to use your own intuition in finding the Goddess, instead of my personal experience. let these pages be a guide, and don't let my thoughts and habits get in the way of your own spiritual quest.


You were pretty anxious to know about magic, but magic will only happen if you know how to work it and for that, you will need to get in touch with your own magic.
That, is for me the hardest part to explain, because discovering this is sometimes difficult, since we are brainwashed by many circumstances, mostly by our religious society and by our cultural heritage.

Hang on to your seat: magic is not evil! It is neutral and it depends on your intentions whether or not it is used either positively or negativily.
A warning might be appropriate here: Working magic means using the forces of nature and common belief is that what you do or wish for, comes back at you in threefold.

First thing to do is to try and free yourself from your heritage. Don't dismiss it, try to see it in a different light.
Much of the things we do or don't do, is because we were taught either to do or not to do.
An example: "don't try to get into magical stuff, cause you might go to hell..." Try to open your mind for other possibilies, try to think multi-dimensional. Am I making sense to you??:-)

Take time to meditate, use essence to help free your mind.
Spend time in nature, because that is the best way to find the path that leads to the Goddess.
The fact that you're a man is a slight disadvantage, because no matter how liberal you are (I KNOW you are!) our culture has been male dominated for centuries, so it's bound to have some effect on you.
(this is MY opinion, not regular wiccan belief!)

Fortunately, every man also has a feminine side, so try to get in touch with that.

After having done this, you can work on casting your circle.
Here's how I do it: First, I meditate for a while, until my head is clear and I feel relaxed and peacefull.
I then cast a circle by standing up, arms stretched forwards and hands folded together.
Then you can call upon whatever you want to invoke.
I always invoke the elements and the guardians of the watchtowers of east, south, west and north.
What you say to them, is ofcourse up to you, but here's mine.
"Hail to the guardians of the watchtower of the east; the element air
Hail to the guardians of the watchtower of the south; the element fire
Hail to the guardians of the watchtower of the west; the element water.
Hail to the guardians of the watchtower of the north; the element earth.
My circle is closed and I have entered it with love and honousty.
In my heart is no evil.
I call upon the Goddess to hear me."
Turn your body in the direction of which you are speaking, arms stretched forwards, doing this clockwise.
Sit down, make yourself comfortable and continue meditating.
you are between worlds now, open your mind.
Later, when you are able to work magic, you can cast your spells from within such a circle.
When you are done, undo your circle by turning as you did before, this time widdershin, i.o.w. counter clockwise.

Say whatever you feel you have to say and consider the circle undone.

I think this is enough for now. You know I'm not a member of a covern, I'm a sollitary witch and I must admit I find it difficult to help you on your way.
On the other hand I find it fascinating! I'm very busy so this will be it, but this will give you a lot to do already.
There are some very good resources on the web to learn more from people with much more experience in teaching than me, I will place some URLs on another occassion.

Ciao D, take care.
Blessed be